The CroBiAd group is situated in the Plant Genomics Centre on the Waite Campus of the University of Adelaide in South Australia. We are part of the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine.

Biology as a Data Science

Biology is becoming ever more data driven. This is in part due to technological advances in DNA sequencing which means that many labs can now generate DNA sequence data at low cost. This has brought new opportunities to the field of crop biology but also carries its own challenges due to the size and complexity of this big data.

Bioinformatics is inherently a multidisciplinary field which intersects biology, computer science and statistics. As such, the group is naturally multidisciplinary too, with different career paths and different areas of expertise.

Awarded for Industry Research Partnership

The group has strong collaborations with both local biology-focused groups as well as national and international industry partners. This has been recognised by the University of Adelaide with the Emerging Industry Research Partnership Award in 2015.